Front-end bootcamp

Front-end bootcamp

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Take your designs and make them come true! Learning front-end you have the opportunity to develop your ideas and take care of your result


Training for Workers

Expanding your knowledge you get not only grow professionally but also increase the value of your company


Back-end developers

Do you have many ideas about the front-end while working on the functionalities? Well, take out that talent to shine and complete your professional profile!

Course information

Hourglass 100 hours
Clock 4 hours/day
Location Online Live
Calendar July / August 2023


Let’s get started! In this section, we will introduce ourselves, provide a general overview of the bootcamp structure, and present the work and evaluation methodology we will use.

  • Presentation
  • Bootcamp structure
  • Evaluation method
  • Resources

Client-Server Model

These are the first steps into the web world. We will unveil the magic of web technologies and dive into each of the technical aspects that come into play every time you enter a website. You will see that this whole universe is much simpler than you think!

  • Web architecture
  • Basic concepts of Client (HTML / CSS / JS)
  • Basic concepts of Server (PHP)


It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to work! In this section, we will learn the basic concepts that will allow us to create our own website from a client perspective. We will see how the HTML language works and how web browsers display information based on it.

  • Basic HTML
  • Advanced HTML
  • Basic SEO

Cascade Style Sheet (CSS)

In this section, you will discover how a web page is “dressed”, that is, how style is applied to it. We will also cover very common front-end development concepts, such as adapting designs to mobile screens (responsive) or using common resources.

  • Basic styles
  • Advanced libraries (LESS / SASS)
  • Responsive layout
  • Common resources (FontAwesome)
  • Optimization of components and deployment in PROD

JavaScript (JS)

Once HTML and CSS have been mastered, it’s time for JS. In this section, you will delve into the world of the most commonly used libraries and frameworks in web page layout.

  • Structured programming
  • Basic JS and common libraries (jQuery, require, moment, underscore)
  • jQuery: Objects and events
  • jQuery: Transformations and transitions
  • jQuery: AJAX
  • Component optimization and deployment in PROD
  • JS frameworks and libraries (Angular / React)

Layout Frameworks

Before getting started with the final project, it’s important to review a few tools to avoid “reinventing the wheel”. You will discover that most of the behaviors you see on the websites you navigate are already designed and implemented. You just have to use them!

  • Bootstrap
  • Mockup creation


As a final touch, you will implement a small project on your own, in which you will have to apply all the knowledge you have acquired and demonstrate how far you have come. This project has no limits, it only depends on you and the goal you want to set to achieve your objective.

  • Project Definition
  • PHASE I: Layout and common elements
  • PHASE II: Login and Registration
  • PHASE III: Search and Profile

Do you start from scratch?


Forget about excuses like: "I have never played with programming", "I would not even know where to start", "It seems very complicated" We have an optional (extra) week dedicated to introduce you to the programming world in case you want to learn the basics. You will not need nothing more, we promise.

Your teacher

Raúl Diego

Raúl Diego Regidor

Senior Computer Engineer specialized in web technologies with more than 12 years of experience in technological sector in big companies such as AXA, La Caixa, Applus or Baxi Roca, among others. On the other hand, professor with more than 10 years of experience, from 2012 to the present day, of computer science in for Computer Engineering degrees, ing. Chemistry, ing. Industrial and Biotechnology.

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