uTech Academy: web development courses in Barcelona

1 February, 2021
Equipo trabajando


Welcome to uTech Academy!

We are your school of programming in Barcelona!

Have you ever had any interest about programming? How a web portal (a social network, for example) is made? What is a server? … If you have ever asked any of these questions, this is the place where you can answer all of them.

Who are we?

uTech Academy is an initiative created by Ulbe Group (http://ulbegroup.com), a software development agency. We are a group of professionals from different areas (programming, design, marketing, finance, …) passionate about new technologies and working together in serveral projects. Most of the software we develop is web based given that, due to its compatibility, flexibility and accessibility, it’s one of the most demanded technologies the market nowadays.

We love what we do. That’s why we are constantly facing new challenges and giving innovative proposals which allow us to stay at the forefront of the latest trends in development.

Where we are we comming from?

We come from the world of the company. We maintain close contact with serveral companies (both national and international) for which we have worked. We have been carrying out several types of technological projects for several years, with a multitude of technologies applied to different areas.

All this practices has allowed us to identify a set of needs that companies have today and, surprisingly, the worker market is not able to offer. We’ll show you quickly:

  • Browse to a job search portal infojobs.net, monster.es, trabajos.com … the one you fancy most
  • Perform a search with keywords like “.NET”, “front end” or “wordpress”
  • Look at the results appeared, and even at the salary level which is offered

You will see that there is a large amount of demand (by companies), and our experience tells us that the offer (by workers) is not so high, which forces companies to offer really high rates for this type of jobs.

Where are we going?

Given the fact we have realized there is a gap between the demand of companies and the supply of job boards, we have decided to create uTech Academy, a programming academy in Barcelona to respond to all that demand in business world.

Our mission is to create a set of programs in which anyone can learn all required knowledge to become a great software development professional. The only thing required is interest and desire to learn.

The star courses we have designed are:

  • .NET Web development course: .NET is a Microsoft framework used especially by large companies. Currently there is a very high demand for this technology and the fees paid are extraordinarily high.
  • Front-end web course for designers: the front-end refers to the development of the most visual part of the software (windows, effects, transitions, etc.). This type of developers are highly valued, since almost all systems have a very important component of interaction with user.
  • WordPress course for entrepreneurs: WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. There are more than 76 million websites worldwide, representing more than 23.4% of all websites, or 60.7% of websites made with CMS.

These courses have been designed to train real professionals from the world of software development. It is just what the labor market is crying out for: technical profiles, specialized in latest technologies and with knowledge of agile work methodologies and teamwork.

Are you ready to give a turn to your professional future? Think no more: this is your place.